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Asbestos is the common term used to describe naturally occurring fibrous material which was widely mined from several types of mineral rock. When it is processed into manufactured products, very small fibres ( some being one one-thousandth of a millimeter) are created.  It is these invisible fibres that are dangerous when inhaled. Texspec Asbestos Removal are dedicated to the safe removal and replacement of these dangerous fibres… So it is very important to note that there is no known safe level of exposure to asbestos!

Types of Asbestos

There are three main types of asbestos:

blue-asbestos-crocidolite-150Crocidolite – BLUE asbestos.
This has straight, blue fibres, and the fibres tend to be very fine. Blue asbestos has also been used in situations in which acid resistance was particularly needed.



brown-asbestos-amosite-150Amosite – BROWN asbestos.
This has straight, harsh grey to brown fibres and was often used in situations where additional strength was required, such as in the manufacture of asbestos-cement pressure pipes.




Chrysotile – WHITE asbestos.
This has soft, white curly fibres and was the type most commonly used in most construction materials.



All products containing asbestos were (FINALLY!) banned from use in Australia in 2003. Not as long ago as most people would assume!
Common Uses Of Asbestos

Asbestos products were commonly used in household and business building materials well into the late 1980’s.  Examples of some of these products are:

  • Flat asbestos cement sheeting commonly used for interior and exterior walls, eaves and wet areas. (Fibro, Villa board, Hardiflex etc)
  • Corrugated asbestos cement sheeting commonly used for domestic roofing, fencing, sheds (commonly known as super six)
  • Asbestos vinyl and floor tiles
  • Textured, Stippled or Popcorn and Vermiculite finished ceilings

In fact there are thousands of manufactured products that are known to contain asbestos.

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What Are The Health Risks Associated With Asbestos?

Fibrous asbestos becomes a health risk when asbestos fibres are released into the air and inhaled.  Queensland Health (2007) states that exposure to asbestos fibres can cause three diseases, all of which can be fatal:

  • Asbestosis – a progressive and irreversible scarring of the lung, leading to painful breathlessness, and eventually death.  Symptoms can appear from 10 years after exposure.  There is no known cure and if affected, death is almost certain.
  • Mesothelioma – is a cancer which comes in two forms – pleura (chest) or peritoneal (abdomen).  This cancer is of the lining, of either the chest or the abdomen; the tumour thickens the lining and eventually encloses the lung or stomach.  It is very painful and invariably leads to a horrible death.
  • Lung Cancer – occurring up to 20 years after first exposure, this cancer is tumors of the bronchial tubes and lungs.  This is normally fatal.

Click here for more information on health risks.

How To  Protect Yourself From Asbestos

Have any suspect material checked by a licensed asbestos removalist such as Texspec.  We will tell you if the material contains asbestos, determine its stability and arrange for its prompt removal, if necessary.  Removal of asbestos should only be carried out by fully trained and licensed professionals who comply with the legislative requirements set out under the Code of Practice for the Safe Removal of Asbestos.

Be aware, (and this could apply to many forms of asbestos but we have chosen two examples to show case):

  • Any asbestos based roof sheeting or fence material that is constantly exposed to the elements poses a high risk as it has a limited life before it starts to break down at which point it is constantly releasing fibres into the surrounding atmosphere every time the wind blows or it rains or hails.
  • This also applies to asbestos textured ceilings; over time the old ceiling texture starts to break down and is therefore constantly releasing the deadly fibres into the air, and this is usually inside your home/rental unit where you may spend many hours a day.

Texspec Asbestos Removal and Zero ASBESTOS

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  • are registered with Q Build
  • are fully insured – Public Liability and Workers Comp
  • have a high work ethic with a priority on health and safety
  • follow the Queensland Standards and engage practices that will ensure the job complies with new legislation
  • Easily contactable on Free call 1800 766 366
  • are professional in our work and dealings with clients
  • have fully trained and qualified staff to safely remove asbestos
  • are prompt and timely
  • are a privately owned company
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